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horse The Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre

Training Mythunderstandings is a series of training articles by Dr. Meredith.

Horse Logic
Breaking vs Training
Self Control Precedes Horse Control
Using Pressures To Shape The Horse
Choosing Bits

Horse-Logical Communication Starts With Grooming
Keeping a Horse's Attention
Intensity and Activity
"Leading" Is Misleading (Heeding - Part 1 of 3)
Working In Corridors (Heeding - Part 2 of 3)
Advanced Ground Control (Heeding - Part 3 of 3)
Applied Heeding: Basic Trailer Training
Loading the Disobedient Horse
Loading the Scared Horse
Applied Heeding: Handling Stallions
Advanced Heeding: Teaching Your Horse to Stand
Advanced Heeding: Teaching Your Horse to Back
Advanced Heeding: Teaching Your Horse to Lead
Advanced Heeding: Teaching Your Horse to Longe
Tools of the Training Trade: Lesson Plans
Tools of the Training Trade: Equipment
Tools of the Training Trade: Keeping Logs
The Importance of Directing Every Stride
Aids Versus Cues
Primary and Secondary Lines
Trick Horses vs. Trained Horses
Dealing with Rearing and Pulling
Loud Bits Destroy Communication
The Daily Training Routine
Pressure and Body Language
Using Physical Pressures in Training
Psychological Pressures and the Learning Zone
Learning from Horses: Sue
Learning from Horses: Plute
Learning from Horses: Mama
Why Good Training Starts on the Ground
The Three Times You Should Punish Your Horse
Recipes for Riding
Games People Play
Learning to Master "Now"
Whips And Spurs And All That Excitement
Managing Activity Levels
Training With Attitude
Horse Logical Body Building
The Training Tree: Relaxation
The Training Tree: Rhythm
The Training Tree: Freedom Of Gaits
The Training Tree: Contact
The Training Tree: Straightness
The Training Tree: Balance
The Training Tree: Suppleness
The Training Tree: Impulsion
The Training Tree: On The Aids
The Training Tree: Collection
The Training Tree: Putting It All Together
Don't Hold Your Breath
More Learning From Horses: Patterns and Habits
More Learning From Horses: Sometimes It’s the Horse
More Learning From Horses: Threats and Safety Zones
More Learning From Horses: Scare Training and Sue Again
Mastering “Natural” Horsemanship
Pattern Building

Corny Thoughts on Feeding
Horses Never Say Never

Faith Meredith's Articles: A new series of articles focusing on riding.

Gold Horses, Green Horses Color Coordinated Riders
Communicating By The Seat Of Your Pants
Is It My Fault - Or My Horse's?
The Riding Tree: Relaxation
The Riding Tree: Balance
The Riding Tree: Following The Motion
The Riding Tree: Communicating Through The Aids
The Riding Tree: Coordination Of The Aids
The Riding Tree: Influencing The Horse
Finding The Right Riding Instructor
Overcoming Riding Fears
The Importance of Timing
Developing an Independent Seat
Developing Balance: Exercises
Developing Balance: Using Your Horse’s Feedback

Meredith Manor's objective is to produce professional riders for the international horse industry. Our program's core is riding and the ways in which it can be marketed. We are committed to a teaching and learning process that will provide our students with the critical skills necessary to enjoy life-long careers in the horse industry. We are committed to teaching these skills in such a way as to enable our students to deal with horses in all aspects of the industry in the most humane manner without the use of force or punishment. Our mission is to prove the superiority of humane methods through our graduates.

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Instructor and trainer Ron Meredith has refined his "horse logical" methods for communicating with equines for over 30 years as president of Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre: Rt. 1 Box 66, Waverly, WV 26184; 1-800-679-2603;;, an ACCET accredited equestrian educational institution.

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