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June 2000

------** WIN Natural Products!! ** ------
To celebrate the launch of 'AROMAITCH' - a new natural treatment for Sweet Itch, Aromesse is giving away Equinat products, including pots of Aromaitch, in a great FREE competition.
Click here for further details
Entries close 10th July 2000
horse Your Feeding Questions Answered
This new service is provided free of charge to visitors by the nutritional experts at Dengie Main Ring.
Click here to take advantage of this offer.

30th June - 1st July 2000
horse Hot off the Press!
The results of todays showing classes and the Burghley Winergy Young Event Horse class at Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials.
Click here for details
30th June 2000
horse Western Pleasure
One of the most popular classes within the spectrum of western riding is the western pleasure class. It is a typical class for beginners to the show ring to acquire experience and control over themselves in a show scenario. In contrast to events like reining, western riding, trail, and others, in a pleasure class the contestant is not alone in the show ring. He/she can "hide" among a group of other competitors and is not judged individually.
Please click here to learn more
30th June 2000
horse The Kisbér Félvér
The Kisbér Félvér breed was developed at the former Kisbér Stud in Hungary. The Stud farm was formed in 1853 on 15,000 acres. It was developed primarily for the breeding of Thoroughbred horses. The Kisbér Stud not only left permanent marks on Thoroughbred racing history, but also developed a half-bred horse that was regarded as 'The World's Most Beautiful Sport Horse'.
Please click here to learn more
29th June 2000 PREMIO PRIMI PASSI,
Gr.3, 2 y.o.,1200 metres,
Milano, San Siro, June 25, 2000
For the full results and analysis of this race
Please click here
27th June 2000
horse Artificial Insemination
Have you considered using AI in your breeding program?
The use of Artificial Insemination has long been acknowledged as being acceptable in the cattle and sheep breeding industries, but it is only recently that horse breeders have begun to realise its potential.
For serious breeders, who are thinking ahead and looking to improve the stock they produce, AI is the obvious answer.
Please click here to learn more
27th June 2000 Free Book offer from Strongid-P
Janet Eley's best-seller FREE courtesy of Strongid-P
Please click here for details
26th June 2000
horse The Orlov Trotter
The Orlov trotter is the oldest and most popular “stud” breed in Russia. Orlovs are not as fast as the Standardbred and French trotters, but are more robust, massive, endurable, sure-footed, strong, and tough. Their trotting action is more impressive. Orlovs are extremely valued in Russia as ameliorators of local breeds.
Please click here to learn more.
25th June 2000 Showing Promise at Armathwaite Hall
27 new showing classes make up the schedule for the extra day of the Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials & Country Fair on Friday June 30th. Affiliated to five national societies, the classes carry qualifiers for The BSPS Dennybeck Classic, The BSPS Summer Championships, The Intermediate of the Year, 122cms Show Hunter Pony of the Year, Ponies (UK), The Side Saddle Association and the National Hunter Supreme Championship. Please click here for details.
24th June 2000
horse The Racking Horse
The Racking Horse is one of the most versatile of horse breeds. The "rack" of the Racking Horse is a bilateral four-beat gait which is neither a pace nor a trot. The Racking Horse comes by this gait as naturally as walking or striking a bold trot comes to other breeds.
He is not to be confused with other breeds, with which the "rack" is an artificially achieved gait resulting from special training. Click here to learn more about this unique breed
Bringing Exciting Incentive Bonuses
British Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd (BEIB) are delighted to demonstrate their support of this year's Festival of Showjumping to be held at Arena UK, Grantham (12th -17th August '00). Click here for details
23rd June 2000 Olympic Contenders head for Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials - and the Richest Prize in One-Day Eventing
With entries not yet closed, many of the top UK combinations will be competing in the inaugural running of advanced level competitions at the Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials (June 30 - July 2), the enhanced prize fund in the Strongid-P Classic section attracting a top class line-up, several of whom are eligible to win the Classic Discovery Challenge and drive off in a brand new Landrover Discovery vehicle valued at over £25,000.
Remember, you also be able to watch the action live online at the Armathwaite website. Please click here for details.
... Making the Connections

How many times have horsemanship students wished they could learn more about horses in a way that puts the "whole horse" together? Rather than focus just on anatomy or training issues or rider balance or any other single aspect of horsemanship, wouldn't it be wonderful to be in a place where ALL the pieces fit together to create the big picture -- the WHOLE picture?
Please click here for further details
22nd June 2000 The Redwing Annual Show
Redwing Riding School, Maryculter, Aberdeen will hold their 12th annual show on Saturday the 1st of July. All profits will go to the Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary which is sponsored by Redwing Riding School and there will be a raffle on the day with prizes donated by local firms as well as ten riding lessons or hacks at Redwing. Please click here for details.
21st June 2000
An impressive bronze for the "Classic" winner at the Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials Impressive Bronze for "Classic" winner at Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials
Lake District sculptor Nelson Nanson has unveiled a specially commissioned bronze trophy commissioned for presentation to the winner of the Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Classic section (June 30 - July 2).
Please click here for more.
21st June 2000 Gran Premio di Milano,
Gr.1, 3y.o. and older, metri 2.400 Milano, June 18 2000, good.

For the full results and an anlysis of this great race please click here
20th June 2000
horse The Gidran
An exclusively chestnut Hungarian Anglo-Arabian breed.The modern Gidrán is a high quality riding and driving horse who has achieved recognition in international competitions. A very rare breed and in danger of extinction, there are less than 200 Gidráns in the world.
Please click here for further details
18th June 2000 Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials & Country Fair hosts major showing programme
Continuing the rapid and innovative development of what is already a major fixture in the national calendar, the team behind the Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials & Country Fair has confirmed details of the showing programme that will take place on Friday June 30. Click here for details
18th June 2000 Blyth Tait to pick the winners!
- of the WCF Country Centres free "Win a Saddle" Prize Draw.........

Click here for details
17th June 2000
horse The Suffolk Punch
The breed is famous for its docile disposition and young horses can be quickly schooled to perform any work. In 1999 a census showed a total population of 201 Suffolk Punch horses in the UK.. In 1999, the number of live foals born was 12. However, the number of live foals born increased to 20 in 2000. Please click here to learn more about this endangered breed
17th June 2000
Summer Solstice 100 mile Endurance Ride
The Summer Solstice 100 mile ER, the EHPS Open Championship, will be sending out live results on Saturday 17th June.
Please click here
16th June 2000 British Endurance Riding Association News
*Packed weekend in store for Hilton Herbs/Raddery Equine Festival of British Endurance Riding * Search is on to find ‘thinking’ riders * Countdown to World Championships Intermediate team soon to be decided * Britain’s young riders training hard * Tattersalls Ride receives record entries from five continents * Racing Channel to cover endurance riding * Two British Riders credit to their country in The Tom Quilty Gold Cup in Australia * Hilton Herbs Golden Horseshoe Ride to feature in television documentary
Please click here for the full story
15th June 2000
horse The Waler
Imagine yourself back in history, when ladies rode side-saddle and a man’s worth was often judged by his choice of horseflesh and his horsemanship. In the Waler’s heyday it became the elite mount, the flashy, usually dark
coloured equine who would carry you across vast distances to neighbouring properties or into town, where no self-respecting gentleman would be seen on anything but a Waler. Please click here to learn more
13th June 2000
horse Horse Trials Video Online
Highlights of the 1999 Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials are now available on the internet. The videos feature highlights of the dressage, showjumping and cross country and include interviews with Chris Bartle,
Jon Doney, and Captain Mark Philips. The programme also follows Blyth Tait giving hints and tips to a young hopeful. Recorded live at the 1999 event the videos are well worth downloading. Please click here
13th June 2000
horse The Kabardin
It would take ages to tell stories of how Kabardins bravely cross torrential streams, how they fight wolves, how Kabardin mares foal onto frost-bitten soil, how they would carry you for hours on end without so much as a blade of grass to eat
They are kings of the mountains! The higher the altitude the more apparent is the supremacy of the Kabardins over other breeds. Please click here to learn more about this incredible breed.
12th June 2000
horse Polypads - The Choice of Champions
PI Associates has provided Peter Storr, one of Britain's leading dressage riders with Poly Pads ® to protect his horses' backs during training. Please click here for details
11th June 2000
‘An opportunity to learn from the experts’ on Friday, June 30th at 2.00pm at the Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials.
Pfizer, the company behind leading equestrian products such as Vi-Sorbin" and Armathwaite Hall sponsor, Strongid"-P,
has introduced a major educational initiative which visitors to Armathwaite will be able to enjoy. Please click here for further details
11th June 2000
horse The Chincoteague Pony
The ponies live on the islands of Chincoteague and Assateague off the coast of Virginia and Maryland. The Ponies are a race of small hardy horses, compact and good natured. The legend is that these ponies swam ashore from a Spanish Vessel which had capsized off the coast, around the century 1600. Please click here to meet these wonderful ponies.
10th June 2000
Cross Country Course Walk
Friday June 30th - Members of the Pony Club can enjoy a great day out at the Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials & Cumberland News Country Fair - school is ‘out’ for a national teacher training day and admission to the event for Pony Club members and accompanying adults is free!

Please click here for details
9th June 2000
horse Equine Dental Care
In the wild, when an animals's teeth wear out, it dies. Modern equine dentistry can significantly extend the useful lifetime of your horse's teeth as well as enhance his comfort and your safety under the artificial condition of bitting. This series of articles by professional, experienced equine dentists will help expand your knowledge and understanding of equine dentistry.
Please Click here
8th June 2000
horse Meet Hardy Oelke
German Hardy Oelke has been one of the first pioneers of western riding and western horses in Europe. He has been training horses western since 1975 and has successfully competed at the highest level.
Please click here
8th June 2000
horse Golden Web Award
Equiworld have received the 2000 - 20001 Golden Web Award from the International Association of Web Masters and Designers
The Team would like to thank all the "equiworlders" for supporting our development and also for all your feedback.
7th June 2000 Russians and “Russians”
By Alexander Repiev
"I was once shocked by a Swedish lady who arrogantly brushed aside all my arguments that Akhal-Tekes should not be bred in Scandinavia, lest she wanted them to turn into another Swedish warmblood in a generation or two..."

This fascinating article offers some great insights.
Please click here to learn more
6th June 2000
horse The Don
The Dons come from the Don steppe, with extremely hot and often drafty summers and cold and snowy winters.
A Cossack’s survival depended on his horse.
This explains the immense attention historically paid by the Don Cossacks to horse breeding. Click here to learn more about this versatile breed
5th June 2000
horse Riding Western
To ride "western" has really little to do with the equipment you use, but it's a different approach to riding, and - as far as horse show events are concerned - the ultimate goals are different. To ride western means a different way, a different method, a different philosophy, means somewhat different aids and cues.
To learn more please click here
5th June 2000 Equestrian Event Coverage on Television?
How many times have you settled down in front of the television to catch the showjuming phase of Badminton only to find that the football has over run and that there is only enough time to show the last six jump! An online petition has been launched to "encourage" the televising of equestrian events - please click here
4th June 2000
horse The American Cream
Where did the American Cream originate? This is the question most frequently asked by those seeing them for the first time.
The total number of registered American Cream Draft Horses known to be alive on Feb 25, 2000 was just 222
Please click here to learn more about this unique breed
3rd June 2000
horse The Bashkir
The Bashkir evolved centuries ago around the southern foothills of the Ural Mountains. It used to be quite common in the Volga and Urals regions as a riding, pack, and harness animal. These horses are also providers of meat, milk, and clothing for the local population. Click here to learn more
3rd June 2000
The Shetland Pony
Properly schooled, the standard size Shetland pony has no equal as a safe schoolmaster for children to ride. The Shetland pony's versatility and hardiness are legend, who has not seen them at Shows being driven in harness, as leading rein ponies, or 'first ridden' and of course the Shetland Grand National Finals at Olympia.
Click here to learn more
2nd June 2000
horse Live Video
A visual introduction to Hayfield Riding Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland
Click here for Video Hayfield

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