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Helpful Foot and Mouth Disease Links
Equiworld has been flooded with requests for information about how Foot and Mouth Disease affects horses and how people can help stop its spread.
Please click here to find links to sites with information and contact numbers which you might find useful.

31st March 2001
The FEI Federation Equestre Internationale
FEI News 30 March 2001

Update on the World Cup Final in Goteborg, Sweden
World Cup Dressage Final
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31st March 2001
The British Horse Society HORSE RIDERS: what you can and can’t do
Everyone involved in equestrianism must take every possible precaution to ensure they do not inadvertently contribute to the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease. However, there is no need to stop riding completely in counties that are not affected.
Horses do not spread foot and mouth any more than people do. Just as people or cars, they can transport the virus on the mud on their feet. This can be avoided by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the horse’s feet before going out. The BHS has based the advice given on information from MAFF and the Animal Health Trust ( 01638 751000).
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31st March 2001 Ashe Wins Again : Hot For Invitational
TAMPA, FL - March 30, 2001 - US Equestrian Team Rookie, Molly Ashe of Wellington, FL, rode the Selle Frances, Folle De Lui, to victory in the $10,000 Sheraton Open Jumper Classic at the Cosequin Winter EquestrianFestival on Friday. Ashe the last to go and one of only four double clear rounds out of a starting field of 39,crossing the timers in 33.983 seconds. Daughter of Olympians Frank and Mary Chapot, Laura Chapot of Neshanic Station, NJ finished just behind Ashe in 34.45 seconds aboard the 11 year-old thoroughbred, Sundance Kid, followed by, Laura Steffee, who finished in 34.714 seconds up on Perle.
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31st March 2001
APHA American Paint Horses to be featured on HorseTV
FORT WORTH-Beautiful American Paint Horses will be showcased on television screens across America April 5-9 with the HorseTV airing of a 21-minute segment created by the American Paint Horse Association (APHA).
HorseTV programming airs on RFD-TV, a new 24-hour-per-day television network geared toward the interests of rural Americans. It is carried on The DISH Network's Channel 9409.
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31st March 2001 Further Dialogue Needed on Vaccine Issue - NFU
Too many questions remain unanswered on the issue of whether vaccination should be used in the fight against foot and mouth, the NFU said today.
More evidence and further dialogue is needed before any decision is made, said NFU President Ben Gill.
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30th March 2001
Equitana Asia Pacific Equitana Asia Pacific to Host a One-Off Anky Van Grunsven Clinic
Date: Friday 23 November 2001
Venue: Melbourne Exhibition Centre
Olympic Dressage Gold medallist, Anky van Grunsven is coming to Equitana Asia Pacific to present a Clinic at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. This is a unique opportunity that will not be repeated during her stay in Australia.
Anky van Grunsven will present her preparation regime in a three hour clinic, covering training techniques for horses and riders from the beginning stages of training through to Grand Prix.
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30th March 2001
ILPH FMD puts Horse Welfare at Risk
Fears are growing that the welfare of horses and ponies could be seriously compromised because of losses sustained by rural businesses due to foot and mouth.
David Mountford, Head of Equine Operations at the ILPH (International League for the Protection of Horses) says, "While we sympathise wholeheartedly with the farming community at this dreadful time and appreciate the enormity of the Government's task in dealing with the outbreak we feel we must highlight what could become a serious equine welfare problem."
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30th March 2001 Olympian Howard Takes Top Honours
TAMPA, FL - March 29, 2001 - Last years defending champion and three time Olympian, Leslie Howard of Westport, CT, finished first in the$30,000 Ariat Challenge Cup on Thursday.She also clenched the number seven position in the US East Coast RiderStandings and in April and will be going to the World Cup in Gothenburg,Sweden.
Howard, up on the 14 year old Irish Bred mare, Cloverleaf was one of only five qualifiers out of a field of 38 starters to advance to the tiebreaker round on this Buddy Brown designed course. She rode last and turned in the fastest time over the eightfences on course in 38.07 seconds.World Cup Veteran, McLain Ward of Brewster, NY qualified two of the five horses in the jump off and finished in second and fourth place. Ward finished in second place aboard hismount Galileo, crossing the finish line in 38.99 seconds and took fourth place on 16 year-old Belgian gelding, Benetton, finishing in 43.96 seconds.
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30th March 2001 "Positive Signs" from Downing Street Meeting - NFU
There is a determination to stick to the policy of no more than 24 hours between identification and slaughter of animals on farms with foot and mouth and 48 hours for neighbouring farms, the NFU said today
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30th March 2001
Saddletude Saddletude Equestrian
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29th March 2001
Goliath and his friends need help and fast...... Please?
Northcote Heavy Horse Centre
Horse Sanctuary and Visitor Centre with a "QUIET PRESENCE OF DIGNITY"

The Home of "Goliath" the "Guinness" Tallest Horse in the World.
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29th March 2001 Rookie Wins in Tampa
TAMPA, FL - March 28, 2001 - Rookie, Michael Walton ofValley Forge , PA, was in the winner's circle aboard the 9 year-old Dutch Stallion, Kantaris in the $5,000 Americhoice Open Speed Challenge at the Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival on Wednesday. Walton cleared the 11 obstacle, Buddy Brown designed course in60.714 seconds. English Equestrian,Helen McNaught finished the course with no jumping faults and better than two seconds behind Walton in 63.315 seconds aboard the 12 year-old Irish bred gelding, Lassergut Concept, followed by Todd Minikus of Loxahatchee, FL, who clocked in at 63.743 seconds up on Pandora.
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29th March 2001 NFU in Detailed Talks on Next Foot and Mouth Steps
NFU President Ben Gill is holding a series of detailed talks with the Government on what further measures are needed to bring foot and mouth under control, including how vaccination may play a part.
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29th March 2001
Brookhill Steeplechase Killer Creative Builds ‘Killer’ Brookhill Steeplechase Marketing Campaign
Raleigh – Build a website. Define an event ID. Establish a theme. Create a brand. Develop a media campaign.
Marketing statistics show that of the 1,500 ads the average consumer views every day, only 15 will be remembered.
In an area that provides many opportunities to attend outdoor events, Killer Creative Group has excelled in creating a catchy and whimsical advertising campaign for the Brookhill Steeplechase. With print ads beginning March 28, TV ads beginning March 26, and radio ads beginning the week of April 9, the Brookhill Steeplechase will soon be a household name in the Triangle area.
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28th March 2001
The FEI Federation Equestre Internationale
FEI News 27 March 2001
* Update on the World Cup Final in Goteborg Sweden)
* World Cup Dressage
* Foot and Mouth Disease - Updated list of cancelled events:

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28th March 2001
Racing Colorful American Paint Horse racing is on the fast track across the United States.
FORT WORTH- If its recent track record is any indication, it's a safe bet that Paint Horse racing will continue to grow in popularity across the United States this year.
A total of 16 states featured Paint racing in 2000, up from 12 states the two previous years. Paint Horses now run in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.
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28th March 2001
Culpeper HITS Culpeper Features $50,000 Grand Prix Every Week & Hosts Cosequin® USGPL Finals with $100,000 Grand Prix
RHINEBECK, NY (March 27, 2000) - Horse Shows In the Sun, Inc. (HITS), producer of six world class hunter/jumper horse show circuits nationwide, has announced that the HITS Culpeper summer series of six horse shows at Commonwealth Park in Culpeper, Virginia, will feature a $50,000 Grand Prix every Sunday for the first five shows. The sixth big purse of the season--the $100,000 Cosequin® Grand Prix--is the grand finale of the Cosequin® U.S. Grand Prix League Invitational Finals, the last show of the series. More than $850,000 in total prize money will be awarded at the six events starting April 18 and finishing September 30, 2001.
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28th March 2001
The FEI Federation Equestre Internationale
FEI News Flash 27 March 2001

List of Qualified Riders for World Cup Dressage Final
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28th March 2001 Show Jumping - Two Irish Riders in World Cup Final
The FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) today (March 27) confirmed that two Irish riders, Jessica Kurten and Peter Charles, will be amongst those considered as qualified for the World Cup Show Show Jumping Final in Gothenburg, Sweden, scheduled for April 12-16, 2001.
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28th March 2001 Tighter Import Checks to "Stop This Ever Happening Again" - NFU
The NFU today called for an urgent tightening of the controls protecting Britain and Europe from illegal meat imports after suggestions that this is the most likely cause of the foot and mouth outbreak.
NFU President Ben Gill said farmers would be "livid" at the suggestion that illegal commercial imports carrying the virus may be to blame for bringing the entire farming industry to its knees in the space of just a few weeks.
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27th March 2001
Armathwaite Strongid-P supports an extra £11,000 at Armathwaite Hall as prizes-in-kind
£11,000 has been added to the value of the prize fund at the Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials - already one of the biggest one-day prizes on the UK circuit - the event’s title sponsor Strongid-P confirming “incredibly generous” prizes in kind for all sections
Every rider placed inside the top 10 in all sections at the event over the weekend of July 20th-22nd will, in addition to the cash prizes, take home 10 Strongid-P wormers and a one-litre pack of Vi-Sorbin - together worth over £100, £1000 for each section.
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27th March 2001 Super Solvitax to Continue Sponsorship of Dressage in Cumbria
Following two successful seasons of dressage sponsorship at Cumbrian venues, Super Solvitax has confirmed on-going support for four championships known as the Super Solivitax Herbal Oils Summer Dressage Championships.
Blackdyke Farm, which has held affiliated and unaffiliated dressage competitions for a number of years, hosted a Super Solvitax fixture last season and will now enjoy on-going generous support for what will be known as The Super Solvitax Herbal Oils Summer Dressage Championships.
The series will run from April to September at Preliminary, Novice, Elementary and Medium levels and will operate separately at each level as a points accumulator. Horse/rider combinations can achieve points for placings during the series and the Champions and Reserves at each of the four levels will receive some very generous prizes from Super Solvitax. Prizes will include clothing for both horse and rider and in addition, a choice of products from the highly regarded Super Solvitax range, used and endorsed by, amongst other leading competitors, Ian Stark, MBE.
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27th March 2001 Taskforce to Consider IHB Proposal on Sport Horse Organisation
The Taskforce set up by the Equestrian Federation of Ireland to help formulate a strategic plan for equestrian sport, at the behest of the Irish Sports Council, has received a submission from The Irish Horse Board with regard to the structure of the new Governing Body already proposed by the Taskforce.
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26th March 2001 Molly Ashe and Kroon Gravin Win Grand Prix of Tampa
TAMPA, FL -- MARCH 25, 2001 - In the summer of 2000, US Equestrian Team Rookie, Molly Ashe of Wellington, FL traveled to Europe tocompete with the US developing riders tour returning home with 3 Grand Prixwins, one being the 50th Anniversary Grand Prix of Germany in Berlinwhich she was the first woman and first American to capture the title.
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26th March 2001 Equiworld
Message Board Update
Visit the Message board - with new coloured envelopes.
26th March 2001 Trace Minerals: The Key to Breeder Success.
Man's preoccupation with NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, & Potassium) fertilizers have resulted in the neglect of trace minerals which are vital and necessary components of a healthy and fertile soil. Trace minerals serve as catalysts which activate enzymes and are an important part of the plant nutrients regulating growth and development. Time and man has robbed our soils of their lifeblood: Micronutrients (i.e. trace minerals)! Research has shown that trace mineral deficient soils will produce trace mineral deficient plants (i.e. grains). When man and animals consume these plants they will also be trace mineral deficient.
Therefore, when your horses consume these micronutrient deficient plants they will also be trace mineral deficient. Many diseases, both animal and human, are now linked to trace mineral deficiencies.

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25th March 2001
Californian Jumps in to Winner's Circle
TAMPA, FL - March 24, 2001 - US Equestrian Team Veteran, Megan Johnstone of Orinda, CA rode the 9 year-old Selle Frances/Belgian Cross Bred, Elfee, to victory in the $10,000 Tampa Bay Classic at the Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival on Saturday
Megan Johnstone
.Johnstone was one of eight clear rounds out of a starting field of 75 toqualify for the sudden death jump offround and laid down the fastest time of 40.499 seconds.
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25th March 2001
Meredith Manor Training Mythunderstandings -
The Daily Training Routine

It takes a long time to develop a full communication system with a horse. When you first begin the training process, the horse's vocabulary of understanding is pretty limited and that limits what you can expect of him. As he learns more, you can expect more.
Eventually there will come a time when you have developed full communication with the horse and you know he understands what you are asking. You support every request with a corridor of pressures applied consistently at every stride. Once you and the horse have reached this advanced level, you should expect compliance with every request. You do your part, and you expect the horse to do his.
But with a baby green horse at the beginning of training, we don't expect the horse to understand all of the shapes we want him to take when we apply given pressures. He doesn't understand which physical or psychological pressures we want him to ignore like the girth or something flapping above eye level. He doesn't understand which pressures are methodically applied directional pressures such as leg pressure on one side asking him to move his hindquarters in the opposite direction when we're riding or our primary line opening up for a turn when we're leading him that he can remove by taking the shape we want. We don't expect full compliance in the beginning because the baby horse's vocabulary needs to grow

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25th March 2001 Vale Wins at Florida State Fairgrounds
TAMPA, FL - March 23, 2001 - Aaron Vale of Rembert, SC has returned to the Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival and jumped right into the winner's circle aboard the 12 year-old Holsteiner mare, Elan Coriana. Vale and Elan Coriana turned in double clear rounds and the fastest jump-off time of 22.798 seconds around this LeopoldoPalacious-Jugo (Venezuela) designed course.1998 Budweiser American Grand Prix Association Rider of the Year, McLainWard of Brewster, NY crossed the timers in 23.467 seconds, less than one second behind Vale to capture second place up on the 11 year-old Dutch bred mare,Crazy U.
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